Our weaving and printed labels section is equipped with MULLER air jet label weaving machines which are the first in their sector. These machines are the fastest machines in the world for label sector. (20 wefts per second)

In our company and production facilities with production capacity of 1.000.000 pieces per day, any kind of weaving labels especially tufted, satin and weft sating are produced with high technology.

In our design department, EAT Design System with simulation system is used and any kind of label and design could be shown as woven shape in computer media up to 12 colors before starting production. It is possible to check if anything wrong before starting production and passed to production without any problem.

It is possible to cut your arma, rozetler and the most difficult shapes and in clarity could not be achieved in normal embroidery machines by laser by WILLY GALVOLAZER Woven Label Cutting System which was established by end of 2006. And also it is able to make picot all around of these labels if required or desired.

All produced labels could be kolalanabilmekte in our finishing machine and produced as self adhesive and heat stick labels in our lamination machines.

The most cutting and folding shapes fit to you are shown below: