We have over than 50 standard moulds for clips that we produced by injection system. You can choose the most fitting design for you among our designs below.
Also it is possible to make some special moulds upon request and demands.

0-00   0-01   0-02   0-00   KR-00
KR-03   KR-01  


  U-01   U-1B
U-IK   U-UG   KR-KK   KR-KM   E-03
E-00   PM-MR   MTL-03   U-03   OR-00
OR-02   OR-03   E-02   E-O   AK-OK
2-RY   MTL-00   MTL-ELP   K-00   K-01
K-02   Y-00   B-00   B-06   B-6G
B-UN   PV-003   A-00   Y-01   Y-03
Y-02   Y-KB   B-0K   TU-00   KR-KE
A-02   KI-00   ELC-01   M-03   M-MD
M-00   M-02   MTL-KR   MTL-YV   MTL-OK


  These products that we produced by injection systems are used in products that would be presented by hanging up in stand such as socks, underwear, ties, gloves, belt etc. You may choose our standard moulds from following section.
Further to these standard moulds, it is possible to make special moulds upon request..

  Additional to label production, our company is keeping all types and kinds of label string used for making labeling, fixing or making ties.