In our layer offset printing facilities, it is possible to produce offset printing products especially label, brochure, insert, product catalogs and monthly published publication and box packages by using any kind of paper and carton material from membrane thickness to 800 gr/sqm.

Our facilities with capacity of 500.000 tabaka per day has capacity of processing 5 tons paper and carton per day. It is possible to produce from 1 piece to 1.000.000 pcs for meeting your all requirements. Our production line is furnished by offset printing machines of HEIDELBERG and ROLAND which are the best in this sector.

In our offset printing department, there are 3 pieces 4 colors machines, 2 pieces di-color and 3 pieces monocolor; so totally 8 pieces offset printing machines

For processes after printing, there are one piece selefon machine, U.V. coating and dispersion machine and 1 piece Letterpress coating machine for coating applications and 1 piece automatic serigraphy printing machine. For leaf gilding applications, there is one piece leaf gilding printing machine.

For binding the catalogs and magazines, there are one piece automatic folding machine, one cilt robot with 6 stations and three blades. Also there are one full automatic and one semi-automatic cutting machine for cutting any kind of box and binder up to thickness of 800gr/sqm

Also there are three pieces full programmed POLAR cutting blade for cutting your labels and inserts.